As if we don’t have enough options already . . .



I’m back.  I wish I could tell you all about my trip to Fiji and how my travel dreams came true because I finally got to stay in one of these bad boys right here:


but I’d be lying.  The truth is I work full time and I’m a mommy to . . . see title of blog.

Truthfully, I’m supposed to be doing work stuff right not but . . .

Hold on, I’ve got to close the blinds.  I hate the idea of people looking into my house even though they probably aren’t.

I’m back, work stuff can take a backseat to updating my long neglected blog.

So today’s discussion . . .

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime

This is more for the house and less for the mom.  I’m really not into television that much (anymore).  I find one show to sort of get into every year.  I liked Orange is the New Black.  I caught a few episodes of House of Cards as well.  I like the kid options (yes I’m one of THOSE mom’s Judgy McJudge).

On the Amazon Prime side, I like that they have workout tape options and I enjoy the free shipping option as well.  Amazon also has a few retro cartoon options (you cannot tell me that the theme to Duck Tales didn’t jam).

Speaking of workout . . .

What are your thoughts on

Image (They could have used a better pic)

I like the idea of getting it done in 25 minutes.  I don’t like the idea of it costing me $139.80 though.  I have the original P90X.  I used to be able to do it, but I’m pretty out of shape right now.  I’ve been getting my stamina back up with Jillian Micheals.  Really, I just want to be outside but that’s not feasible at the moment with all this lovely Mid-Atlantic snow on the ground.

Well that’s it for now folks!


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