Selling Beyonce for Christmas

Let’s say you have tickets to see the hottest chick in the game who wear’s this guys chain



but your a mommy and you really want to get your twin toddlers this:


What’s a mommy to do? Put those bad boys on Ebay. In an effort for the twin toddlers to have the most merriest of Christmas, I’m selling my tickets to see Beyonce in December. Am I sad? Not at all. I’m not really a big fan. I’ve seen almost everyone I really wanted to see. In fact the only artist that I’ve never seen that I would love to see is


So in an effort to be as transparent as possible, if you know of anyone who would like to pay inflated prices to see Mrs. Carter make sure you leave me a message. Let the games begin.


What happened to that toddler mom chick?

I hit the lotto and I’m out!  Not really the truth but it looks good.  I did mention before that I am the mom to now walking, talking (READ, I EAT, NIGHT NIGHT is hardcore conversation at 17 months old), toddler twins right.  I have a full time, outside the house job that takes up a lot of time too.  It’s gotten cold and I HATE the cold so I plan on lots of updates.  Plus I like sitting at the computer, chilling listening to my Spotify.