You’ll have things you’ll want to talk about, I will too . . .

Being the working mom of twin toddlers does mean that you miss out on a whole lot of TV shows sometimes.  So Netflix has been a lifesaver.  My shows of the moment are Orange is the New Black and Luther.  I was a subscriber in my single days, but I one of many who made the mass exodus when Netflix raised the price on their services.  I bought a Blue Ray player a few months ago and decided to rejoin.  Netflix also has a pretty good children’s selection as well.  We love Super Why and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  That’s such a mommy pronoun, “we” honestly I tolerate Super Why and I actually do like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  I was a huge fan of Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood as a child.  Plus they feature an interracial couple and having a slice of the real world in animation world is cute. 


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