You found us . . .

I am the mother of spontaneous fraternal twins.  Spontaneous meaning that I didn’t do anything special to get my twins.  It was just an act of god.

Being pregnant with twins almost two years ago was the last thing on the brain at appointment number one.  I also found out the first sonogram isn’t usually taken on your stomach either (another post for another day perhaps).  What was discovered is that having twins is expensive, or so I thought.  Since I’ve been fighting the bad credit fairy since the age of eighteen, I’ll be damned if that hussy is going to sprinkle her picky dust on me now in my mid 30’s.  So in other words, what do I need to do to save money on this double venture?


There are a million and one tips on the best brand of ___________ (insert baby item here).  I used websites like Amazon and YouTube on advice for buying the best _______________ for my lifestyle and budget.


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