As if we don’t have enough options already . . .



I’m back.  I wish I could tell you all about my trip to Fiji and how my travel dreams came true because I finally got to stay in one of these bad boys right here:


but I’d be lying.  The truth is I work full time and I’m a mommy to . . . see title of blog.

Truthfully, I’m supposed to be doing work stuff right not but . . .

Hold on, I’ve got to close the blinds.  I hate the idea of people looking into my house even though they probably aren’t.

I’m back, work stuff can take a backseat to updating my long neglected blog.

So today’s discussion . . .

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime

This is more for the house and less for the mom.  I’m really not into television that much (anymore).  I find one show to sort of get into every year.  I liked Orange is the New Black.  I caught a few episodes of House of Cards as well.  I like the kid options (yes I’m one of THOSE mom’s Judgy McJudge).

On the Amazon Prime side, I like that they have workout tape options and I enjoy the free shipping option as well.  Amazon also has a few retro cartoon options (you cannot tell me that the theme to Duck Tales didn’t jam).

Speaking of workout . . .

What are your thoughts on

Image (They could have used a better pic)

I like the idea of getting it done in 25 minutes.  I don’t like the idea of it costing me $139.80 though.  I have the original P90X.  I used to be able to do it, but I’m pretty out of shape right now.  I’ve been getting my stamina back up with Jillian Micheals.  Really, I just want to be outside but that’s not feasible at the moment with all this lovely Mid-Atlantic snow on the ground.

Well that’s it for now folks!


Selling Beyonce for Christmas

Let’s say you have tickets to see the hottest chick in the game who wear’s this guys chain



but your a mommy and you really want to get your twin toddlers this:


What’s a mommy to do? Put those bad boys on Ebay. In an effort for the twin toddlers to have the most merriest of Christmas, I’m selling my tickets to see Beyonce in December. Am I sad? Not at all. I’m not really a big fan. I’ve seen almost everyone I really wanted to see. In fact the only artist that I’ve never seen that I would love to see is


So in an effort to be as transparent as possible, if you know of anyone who would like to pay inflated prices to see Mrs. Carter make sure you leave me a message. Let the games begin.

What happened to that toddler mom chick?

I hit the lotto and I’m out!  Not really the truth but it looks good.  I did mention before that I am the mom to now walking, talking (READ, I EAT, NIGHT NIGHT is hardcore conversation at 17 months old), toddler twins right.  I have a full time, outside the house job that takes up a lot of time too.  It’s gotten cold and I HATE the cold so I plan on lots of updates.  Plus I like sitting at the computer, chilling listening to my Spotify. 


Oh, are they twins?

Surely any mother of twins can tell you that people will stop you and point out the obvious daily when out and about.  Loving the low key, anonymous lifestyle that I live, the questions can sometimes be annoying.  Note the usage of the word, sometimes, because a lot of the time it goes with the territory.  Telling the twins apart was easy for me since birth because they are male/female.  Plus I really don’t think they look alike so that makes it all the more easier.

You’ll have things you’ll want to talk about, I will too . . .

Being the working mom of twin toddlers does mean that you miss out on a whole lot of TV shows sometimes.  So Netflix has been a lifesaver.  My shows of the moment are Orange is the New Black and Luther.  I was a subscriber in my single days, but I one of many who made the mass exodus when Netflix raised the price on their services.  I bought a Blue Ray player a few months ago and decided to rejoin.  Netflix also has a pretty good children’s selection as well.  We love Super Why and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  That’s such a mommy pronoun, “we” honestly I tolerate Super Why and I actually do like Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  I was a huge fan of Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood as a child.  Plus they feature an interracial couple and having a slice of the real world in animation world is cute. 

You found us . . .

I am the mother of spontaneous fraternal twins.  Spontaneous meaning that I didn’t do anything special to get my twins.  It was just an act of god.

Being pregnant with twins almost two years ago was the last thing on the brain at appointment number one.  I also found out the first sonogram isn’t usually taken on your stomach either (another post for another day perhaps).  What was discovered is that having twins is expensive, or so I thought.  Since I’ve been fighting the bad credit fairy since the age of eighteen, I’ll be damned if that hussy is going to sprinkle her picky dust on me now in my mid 30’s.  So in other words, what do I need to do to save money on this double venture?


There are a million and one tips on the best brand of ___________ (insert baby item here).  I used websites like Amazon and YouTube on advice for buying the best _______________ for my lifestyle and budget.